Alcohol / Drug Recovery

The Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (A.C.T.S) offers people with substance abuse and anger issues a 12 week course of classes. A certificate of completion is awarded after attending 12 classes but the support and education can be continued indefinitely. During these 12 weeks, participants can learn possible reasons they use drugs, alcohol and anger and learn new skills and behaviors.
Each lesson begins with some educational material followed by the use of a visual object lesson and continues with a historical story. Participants will be supported by certified instructors who have personal experiences with addictions, unhealthy lifestyles and unmanageable anger.
This is a structured class with a casual atmosphere. Participants will be able to use lessons to help solve problems in their own lives.
Our goal is to offer our community a support class that offers education and friendship with accountability. Currently, A.C.T.S. is being utilized in 36 states and in 12 countries.
A.C.T.S. class is every Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:00pm.
Call 740-453-8620 Monday through Thursday 9am-2:00pm for more information.